SpamTitan anuncia a nova vers√£o do web filter WebTitan

Leia abaixo a notícia do lançamento oficial pela SpamTitan Technologies de sua poderosa solução de filtragem web para as empresas, WebTitan 4.0. Esta versão inclui uma série de novas funcionalidades:


SpamTitan Technologies today announced a major new release of its powerful web filtering solution for businesses, WebTitan 4.0.The release includes a host of new functionality such as full transparent authentication, bandwidth management controls, delegated administration and reporting management, SNMP support and enhanced white labelling options. The new functions greatly improve the end user experience, ease of product management and overall business protection options.

Full transparent authentication while using WebTitan in transparent proxy mode will allow end users a more seamless internet experience while allowing management comprehensive user reports rather than IP based reporting typically associated with transparent proxies.

Bandwidth management controls adds to the corporate internet policy options within WebTitan with the addition of bandwidth quotas ensuring bandwidth is not wasted and adequate capacity is available for business-critical applications. With the increased popularity of media rich applications which allow users to listen to radio stations or watch video via the Internet in the workplace the provision of these bandwidth management controls avoid bottlenecks or severe slowdowns in the internet. These controls add to the granular nature of WebTitan and provide the added advantages in terms of cost savings and resource allocation.

Delegated administration allows for configurable levels of administration functions within WebTitan and for these controls to be passed to stake holders across the organisation. With WebTitan 4.0 administrators can grant policy management privileges, reporting rights, or both to delegated administrators who can then manage or report on Internet usage for specific clients (users / groups). Delegated administrators with policy permissions can edit existing policies and create new policies making this a powerful tool for distributing filtering policy management and reporting responsibilities across an organization. Delegated administration allows for greater cross organisational participation in policy creation and maintenance therefore ensuring the most appropriate filtering policy applies to each user / group.

‚ÄėThe web is getting more complex, thus the requirements within organisations for managing it usage and protecting users is getting equally complex ‚Äė says Kavanagh, CEO of SpamTitan. ‚ÄėWebTitan 4.0 has been designed with this at the forefront, balancing this complexity with management tools that are both intuitive to use and effective in their deployment to ensure our customers get the best end user web experience while organisations are fully protected from all malware as it emerges.‚ÄĚ

WebTitan 4.0 also includes a range of enhancements including SNMP support and improved white labelling allowing an organisation add its own brand and identity to the solution.


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Cleverly designed Facebook phishing scam steals credit card details

Posted by Geraldine Hunt

Cleverly designed Facebook phishing scam dupes users into entering email & credit card details

You may already have heard of the latest Facebook phishing scam, it’s already been going on anti phishing, facebook phishing scam for a few weeks. You have to marvel at the increased sophistication of these scams. Clever, maybe, but definitely scary. This latest Facebook chat phishing scam is designed to steal not only your Facebook credentials but also your email log in details and your credit card details.

What is Phishing

Phishing, a form of Internet fraud, aims to steal valuable information such as credit cards, bank details, user IDs and passwords. It uses spam, malicious Web sites, email messages and instant messages to trick people into divulging sensitive information. The latest Facebook chat phishing scam The latest scam as reported in the Kaspersky blog¬† last week involves the Facebook chat function. Once a Facebook account is successfully compromised the scammer changes the name of that account to that of ‚ÄėFacebook security‚Äô. A chat message is then sent to contact list of that account warning that the users account will be shut down unless you reconfirm the account details.

Guess what happens next? This is a Facebook security message afterall!

The chat message contains a link and redirects to a site which looks just like Facebook. The unsuspecting victim is then asked to supply account details including their Facebook log in details. It’s that simple, the scammer now has access to the Facebook account details and access to all of your Facebook contacts which allow them to move onto the next part of the scam.

This particular attack also asks for email passwords leaving the scammer in a powerful position to easily compromise several other accounts. As if that wasn’t enough Kaspersky report that this phishing attack goes one step further and asks for a payment giving the attacker access to credit card details including CSC/CVV code.

Sometimes it‚Äôs best to take a step back, a few deep breaths and think ‚Äď why would a social network that is free be asking you for your credit card details to confirm your account.? When do you ever need to give your CVV number except when your ordering something on line ?.

We are programmed to respond to security messages – would you be fooled by this Facebook scam?

This is certainly an intricate scam yet simple in that it relys on the victim believing the initial fake facebook security message. Facebook or any reputable organisation will not ask you for your credit card details as a way to prove your identity. I guess you could say the approach is clever but as these attacks are malicious in nature perhaps the best word is evolved trickery. A word of advice, your Facebook account will not be shut down. Facebook or any reputable organisation will not ask you for your credit card details as a way to prove your identity.

Phishing attacks take advantage of both technical and social vulnerabilities.

There are a large number of different kinds of attacks The internet provides benefits and opportunities to everyone, including criminals. Phishing attacks take advantage of both technical and social vulnerabilities. Ongoing financial attacks are now a reality to the point that they’re considered the norm.The fact that some business don’t take the necessary measures to protect themselves against what can only be described as increasingly ingenious scams is worrying. The fact that businesses can loose substantial sums of money due to both fraud and network damage / clean up.

anti malware, Facebook phishing scam, internet securityAs Sherlock Holmes might say, its elementary.

With a successful phishing and malware attack, everything is at risk. A company network can suffer a malware infection as a result of an employee clicking on a bogus link in a Facebook post or other social networking site. The impact of a successful malware attack can have serious and long term consequences such as unauthorized network access, exposure of the companies information systems and the exploitation of this highly classified business information by criminals.

An unsecured network is a broken link and enables criminals to take advantage of your internal resources. Its increasingly important to comunicate to employees to ignore messages like these if they reach their inbox or news feed. As well as using basic common sense on the Internet ensure your organisation is running powerful web filtering software and email security software ‚Äď these could save the day if an employee ever get fooled by a phishing scam.


WebTitan – Poderosa ferramenta de web filtering – filtro de conte√ļdo web

Webtitan √© uma poderosa solu√ß√£o de ‚ÄúWeb Filtering‚ÄĚ que prov√™ ricas funcionalidades e permite o gerenciamento e a prote√ß√£o dos usu√°rios quando est√£o navegando na internet.

A DANRESA Consultoria de Informatica implementa e da suporte ao webtitan para seus clientes. Solicite um piloto ou demo online gratuíto para um Consultor DANRESA através do telefone 55 11 4452-6450 ou envie um e-mail para

Veja abaixo como o webtitan pode ajudar sua empresa pode facilmente gerenciar o conte√ļdo web evitando o uso indevido de sites impr√≥prios, de conte√ļdo malicioso, v√≠rus, e outros riscos potenciais a rede corporativa.

Resumo de Funcionalidades

  • Servidor Proxy e Cache
  • Filtro de URLs ‚Äď 53 categorias pr√©-definidas e mais, permite a cria√ß√£o de categorias customizadas pelo cliente
  • Mecanismo de pol√≠ticas baseado em Usu√°rios e Grupos
  • Controle de Conte√ļdo
  • Controle de Aplica√ß√Ķes
  • Inclui prote√ß√£o antiv√≠rus
  • Processo de implanta√ß√£o r√°pido √© f√°cil
  • Solu√ß√£o ‚ÄúPlug and Play‚ÄĚ
  • Console de Administra√ß√£o via WEB (N√£o √© necess√°rio o uso de linhas de comando)
  • Relat√≥rios poderosos e automatizados
  • Atualiza√ß√Ķes autom√°ticas de Filtros de URL, antiv√≠rus e vers√Ķes do software
  • Backup automatizado do sistema
  • Integra√ß√£o com Active Directory e LDAP

Principais Recursos do WebTitan

  • Antiv√≠rus
  • Filtro de URL
  • Anti Phishing
  • Filtro de Conte√ļdo
  • Mecanismo de pol√≠tica granular
  • Solu√ß√£o completa de relat√≥rios
  • Controle de Aplica√ß√Ķes
  • Servidor Proxy Completo
  • Integra√ß√£o LDAP
  • Backups, atualiza√ß√Ķes de sistema e envio de relat√≥rios totalmente automatizados.
  • Whitelists e Blacklists (Listas brancas e Negras)
  • Solu√ß√£o completa de relat√≥rios de diagn√≥sticos.
  • Interface gr√°fica do Administrador totalmente WEB

Abaixo est√£o os detalhes dos recursos do produto, bem como algumas informa√ß√Ķes t√©cnicas:

Recursos Detalhes
Antivírus WebTitan inclui o mecanismo do premiado Clam Antivírus. O mecanismo do Clam antivírus é atualizado automaticamente garantindo máxima proteção com o mínimo de esforço de tempo de gestão dispendido pelos administradores.
Filtro de URL Webtitan oferece at√© 53 categorias predefinidas e at√© 8 categorias customizadas pelos administradores, incluindo 10 milh√Ķes de URLs. Este sistema trabalha em conjunto com uma rede baseada em nuvem proporcionando classifica√ß√£o em tempo real para fornecer combina√ß√£o inigual√°vel de precis√£o, cobertura e flexibilidade.
Anti Phishing WebTitan filtra e bloqueia tentativas de ‚Äúphishing‚ÄĚ protegendo os usu√°rios contra roubo de informa√ß√Ķes pessoais.
Filtro de Conte√ļdo WebTitan pode efetuar bloqueios de sites por palavras-chave, em sua URL ou em seu conte√ļdo, efetuar bloqueio por tipos de arquivos atrav√©s de suas extens√Ķes (incluindo arquivos renomeados) e por ‚Äúmime-types‚ÄĚ. Estes recursos podem ser ativados atrav√©s do ‚Äúmecanismo de pol√≠ticas‚ÄĚ permitindo os administradores organizarem as regras de acordo com a necessidade da empresa e pol√≠tica de uso da internet.
Mecanismo de política granular WebTitan contém um mecanismo de políticas altamente granular que permite ao administrador criar políticas de navegação baseadas em usuários, grupos, categorias, horários de trabalho e muito mais, garantindo maior produtividade e adequando o uso da internet a política da empresa.
Solução completa de relatórios WebTitan contém um conjunto de relatórios abrangentes, fornecendo relatórios gráficos automatizados, incluindo usuários e grupo de usuários, exibindo URLs mais acessadas, bloqueadas, os tempos de navegação e muito mais. Estes relatórios podem ser agendados para serem enviados por e-mail aos Gestores dos departamentos e/ou aos administradores de rede.
Controle de Aplica√ß√Ķes WebTitan permite que as organiza√ß√Ķes bloqueiem o acesso a aplicativos indesejados, tais como softwares de mensagens instant√Ęneas e Peer to Peer. EX.: MSN, Skype, Torrent, etc.
Servidor Proxy Completo WebTitan contem um servidor proxy que faz cache das paginas visitadas visando economia na utilização dos recursos de internet e rede.
Integração LDAP WebTitan fornece autenticação baseada em IP e pode integrar com LDAP ou Active Directory usando NTLM.
Backups, atualiza√ß√Ķes de sistema e envio de relat√≥rios totalmente automatizados. Todas as atualiza√ß√Ķes, incluindo antiv√≠rus, novas vers√Ķes do sistema, backup, categoriza√ß√Ķes de URLs e relat√≥rios s√£o totalmente automatizadas, exigindo assim o m√≠nimo poss√≠vel de gerenciamento pela equipe de TI e consequentemente proporcionando seguran√ßa m√°xima ao ambiente.
Whitelists e Blacklists (Listas brancas e Negras) Listas Brancas (Whitelists) e Listas Negras (Blacklists) Globais podem ser definidas no sistema e permitir ou bloquear um site pela sua URL, domínio ou IP. Além disso, categorias customizadas podem ser criadas e definidas para usuários ou grupos de usuários.
Solu√ß√£o completa de relat√≥rios de diagn√≥sticos. WebTitan cont√©m um conjunto completo de ferramentas de testes e relat√≥rios de diagn√≥sticos que fornecem tanto aos administradores quanto a equipe de suporte do WebTitan todas as informa√ß√Ķes necess√°rias para investigar os problemas de suporte. Isso inclui a capacidade de enviar um relat√≥rio de diagn√≥stico para time de suporte do WebTitan¬† que poder√° realizar uma conex√£o SSH remota e autenticada visando solucionar um incidente relatado.
Interface gr√°fica do Administrador totalmente WEB Todos os recursos do WebTitan s√£o acessados usando uma interface intuitiva baseada na web. Isso permite o acesso controlado a partir da rede e dispensa a necessidade de um software de administra√ß√£o instalado na esta√ß√£o do Administrador. Restri√ß√Ķes de acesso podem ser configuradas para limitar quem e onde esta interface pode ser acessada.